"Mike Mondou is a great person and has been a perfect choice for our maintenance needs"

"Mike was the contract maintenance person for the previous management company when we took over. Our corporate office is located in Portland, Maine and the property is in Rochester, NH. We decided because we didn’t have any of our staff near that location, we would also use Mike’s services. That had been a very good decision for us and he’s worked for us for many years.

Either Mike or his crew is at the property every day handling whatever work orders need to be done. They take care of preventive maintenance and all the tenants know and trust them. Our tenants feel very comfortable with Mike and his crew and that is a huge benefit to our company.

Mike is equipped to handle any size job and he responds very quickly. We can rest assured that when Mike is on the job, things will be handled professionally and to our complete satisfaction."

Michael O’Connell, Senior Property Manger
Preservation Property Management


"Mike is great at what he does and he makes my job as Property Manager very easy."

"Mike started out doing maintenance for us inside apartments and in common areas. Things such as repairs of boilers, faucets, sinks and toilets. That ended up expanding into doing unit turnovers — the cleaning, the painting and any repairs.

We have a strict policy on unit turnovers. As soon as a unit is empty we have five days to turn that apartment over and get someone else in there. He handles multiple properties for us and often has several units that need to be turned over simultaneously. Mike always gets the work done on time and the units look brand new when he’s finished.

Mike does everything. Anything I ask the guy to do, he takes care of and I never need to make a follow up phone call. I‘ll call Mike and ask if he has time to do something and he’ll say ‘Yes, I’ll send someone right over and I’ll let you know when it’s done. He’ll call me back later and the work will be finished.

I couldn’t ask for any better service. He’s very prompt and for the last 10 years working for us he’s responded 24/7. I’m able to get him through a pager, cell phone, business phone or if for some reason he’s not going to be around, he give me a number to one of his staff so I always have someone to reach.

I couldn’t be happier with Mike’s service or the quality of his work."

Ted Cote, Regional Property Manager
Stewart Property Management


"We cannot over emphasis the work of your crew & how they pay attention to detail"

"The Meadowbrook Village Condo Association Board of Directors would like to complement your company and crew on the fine work performed the last four years. We consider Meadowbrook Village one of the finest condo complexes in Rochester.

Meadowbrook consists of sixteen owner occupied townhouse units on 68 Acres of land. We take great pride in how the property is maintained. Four years ago when you started work on Meadowbrook Village you proposed a plan that saved us money and improved the quality and appearance of our facility. When our budget was limited you worked with us to keep the property looking great.

We cannot over emphasis the work of your crew and how they pay attention to detail. Over the past four years we have had no property damage due to workmanship. The quality of landscape work, snow removal and response time during winter storms improved the quality of life for unit owners.

Thank you for the great service you have provided."

Michael Chick, President
Robert Knowles, Director
Dan Moynihan, Director
Meadowbrook Condo Association


"I plan to continue to use Mike and his company for all future projects and would recommend him to prospective customers without hesitation"

"Several years ago I was referred to Mike Mondou and his company by a local building materials supplier for the concrete foundation portion of a project I was performing for them, since then he has performed several jobs for me and we have done numerous projects together which includes: site work, foundations and other concrete work, drainage, snow removal, hydro seeding and new construction. I have found him to be reliable, quality minded, professional, fair and honest, and very important to me we have maintained an excellent working relationship over the years which includes a large variety of work on many different projects. I plan to continue to use Mike and his company for all future projects and would recommend him to prospective customers without hesitation."

Daniel E Ayer, President
D.E. Ayer Industrial Service and Supply
Yesterday Construction


"I know once Mike is done with the unit I will be pleased with its appearance for the next family"

"I have known Mike Mondou for more than fifteen years. Although he is an independent contractor he works in the maintenance capacity at many properties that I rent for Stewart Property Management.

My job is to rent the apartments and Mike and I work very closely together to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of affordable family properties and many tenants do not have the respect for the property that we would like them to have. Many apartments are left in terrible condition and I know once Mike is done with the unit I will be pleased with its appearance for the next family. Mike is always very accommodating if I need an apartment ready on short notice. He is very good at communicating his schedule to me so I can coordinate moves. He always keeps in contact with me about happenings on the properties so I can address them with the residents before they get out of control.

I have been in this field for over twenty years and can honestly say that Mike has been the best maintenance person I have worked with. His attention to detail is appreciated as I am known to be a perfectionist in wanting the apartments in great condition. He always has a positive attitude even when faced with great challenges."

Sandy Vachon
Occupancy Manager


"The services provided have been of the highest quality and working with Mike has been a pleasure!"

"I have been the on-site Occupancy Manager at a 90-unit residential apartment complex in Rochester, NH over the past three years.

During that time Mike Mondou Building Services has been responsible for all our property maintenance needs. This includes routine maintenance, emergency calls, unit turnovers, grounds and building upkeep, landscaping, and snow removal services.

Mike has been extremely professional in all dealings with my office and the residents on the property. He is always reachable and his response time is exceptional. Mike and his staff have been truly great about communicating with my office as to the status of various on-going projects and the day-to-day needs of the property.

He has been a tremendous help to us in dealing with all aspects of tenant requests, concerns, and safety standards on the property.

Mike has proven himself and his staff to be completely trustworthy and dependable in dealing with residents and their needs. The services provided have been of the highest quality and working with Mike has been a pleasure!"

Katherine Talon
Occupancy Manager
Brookside Place Apartments


"There are very few tasks that cannot be handled within the reaches of his staff, which consequently saves the property funds that would otherwise have to be subcontracted out."

"Mike Mondou Building Services has been performing maintenance for several properties for us over the last 13 years. As a manager of federally subsidized properties, we are under strict scrutiny from US and State Governments, as well as the owners we serve that have high expectations for the appearance of their buildings.

Having the privilege of Mike’s company involved has taken much of the burden off of us to ensure that the properties are maintained well. Mike and his staff perform to a standard that is reflective of the same way they would take care of these properties as if they belonged to them. On countless occasions, Mike has brought to our attention various aspects of the properties that we were not aware of, and probably never would be, had it not been for him bringing the information forth. This is due in large part to Mike’s company having a broad spectrum of knowledge in the maintenance field. There are very few tasks that cannot be handled within the reaches of his staff, which consequently saves the property funds that would otherwise have to be subcontracted out.

One of the best qualities of the company is their sincere interest in the finances and unique circumstances that each property has. While some service companies would just perform a task and send a bill, his company periodically will consult with us on what the financial situation is, and that in turn allows them to prioritize what needs to be done and when.

I would recommend Mike Mondou Building Services to anyone that is looking to have their property managed with the highest degree of professionalism and reliability."

Ryan Stewart
Vice President of Stewart Property Management
Property Manager for Several Properties in the Farmington Area


"Having Mike Mondou’s company covering our properties gives us full confidence and peace of mind"

"Mike Mondou has provided property maintenance and grounds services to several of our properties in the Seacoast area for the past fourteen years.

In all respects Mike and his crew have been consummate professionals in terms of the quality of the work, timeliness in completing tasks, and in dealing with a variety of challenging situations with tenants.

In many instances Mike’s organization has been able to address problems that in more typical circumstances would require that expensive outside specialists be called.

For our organization, having Mike Mondou’s company covering our properties essentially gives us full confidence and peace of mind that any maintenance issue that arises at the properties will be handled in the most effective manner possible."

Paul N. Stewart
President, Stewart Property Management Inc.


"I feel totally comfortable that Mike will take care of property issues when I’m away and he keeps me up-to-date on any major problems."

"Mike has worked for my dad for 11 years or more as the primary maintenance person for a number of properties he owns. Mike is on call for any situation that comes up and handles unit turnovers, meets with subcontractors on our behalf, and takes care of maintenance and repair issues at my dad’s house.

I have been running Fischer Agency for five years. Mike has been there every step of the way teaching me how things are done. He knows the ins and outs of our buildings and understands the insurance procedures. Due to his longevity with our company, he’s aware of all our buildings’ quirks and how to handle them.

I started working here in the fall and Mike let me know that the student housing would need to be checked during Christmas break since the kids often turn off the heat causing the pipes to freeze. I would not have known to do that and if it weren’t for Mike, we could have had some major catastrophes.

Another example of Mike helping me out was when he told me that our building in Farmington didn’t have the power it needed to the air ducts in the furnace area. His knowledge of our buildings is so valuable.

Mike handles the call at 2am to fix a toilet, repair damage from a student, or deal with the fire department when an issue arises. The calls don’t go to me, he takes care of the problems and I don’t hear about it until after everything is resolved.

Recently I was in Japan and one of our tenants had a plumbing problem in our building that is over 100 years old. The plumber working on the issue decided to leave midstream to go work on another job. Mike told him to go back and fix the original problem. When he didn’t, Mike fired him and got someone else to finish. When I got back everything was all taken care of and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I feel totally comfortable that Mike will take care of property issues when I’m away and he keeps me up-to-date on any major problems. If something will be costly to take care of, he’ll inquire as to how I want to proceed, if not he’ll just run with it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services."

Carolyn Ricker
Fischer Realtors and Builders / Fischer Agency