Case Study

Stewart Property Management
Ted Cote, Regional Property Manager


Stewart Property Management of Bedford, NH is a large company which handles Section 8 and tax credit government regulated housing for lower income families and the elderly in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Mike Mondou Building Services has been working for Stewart Property Management for the past 15 years doing maintenance, repairs, snow removal, grounds upkeep, new construction and unit turnovers, They often have emergency situations and recently had a sewage backup in a building was only a couple of years old.


Mike Mondou went on site and evaluated the situation. They had to move an elderly tenant out of her apartment and disassemble the entire unit. All of the contents had to be stored at Mike’s location. His crew had to jackhammer the floor and dig five feet down to repair the broken pipes.

Once the repairs were completed. The contents were removed from storage and the unit reassembled to original specifications and better than new condition. When the work was complete there was no indication that there had been any problem and the tenant was able to move back in to her newly restored unit.

"We do a considerable amount of work for Stewart Property Management. There are special projects that come up on a weekly basis. Things such as flooding from a burst sprinkler or a broken heat pipe are common examples of issues we face." — Mike Mondou

Another recent issue was an extremely difficult tenant that moved into a brand new building. Unknown to the management company she had a history of bogus complaints and legal actions against previous landlords. Immediately after moving in this tenant started to exude this same type of behavior. It was identified early on and through thorough detailed communication and documentation between Mike Mondou Building Services & Stewart Property Management they were able to not only answer and disprove the many bogus complaints to local authorities & agencies but eventually evict her for these actions.

"Mike's work is always high quality - he won't do a bad job, cut corners or put something together too quickly," stated Ted Cote. " I never have call backs on anything that he does. His work is always done professionally and I never have had a complaint from any of our tenants about his service."