Case Study

Preservation Property Management
Michael O'Connell, Senior Property Manger


During the summer of 2008 a fire broke out in one of Preservation Property Management’s Rochester units. The destruction was devastating. The whole inside of the unit was totally destroyed. The tenants were displaced.


Mike Mondou was at the location immediately to meet with fire and police to handle the situation and secure the building Mike took care of the necessary actions to keep the property safe and worked with the insurance adjuster to survey the damage. Together they were able to determine what new construction would be necessary and came up with an agreeable price.

“When this incident happened we responded and worked with fire and police to secure the building. I also negotiated with the insurance company on pricing to restore the unit. We redid the structure to better than new condition with all the code upgrades necessary, and worked with local officials so Preservation Property had no worries at all.” — Mike Mondou

The unit was entirely rebuilt to the outside walls Mike’s crew did the work to the complete satisfaction of Preservation Property Management in terms of the quality of work done, and the fact that the project was completed on time and within the pricing negotiated with insurance.

Preservation Property Management continues to use Mike Mondou Building Services for all their maintenance, repair, new construction and snow removal needs.

Michael O’Connell, Senior Property Manager, states, “Mikes’ quality of work is great and his response time is phenomenal. He has an emergency paging system that our tenants can use after hours. Either he or one of his crew will respond quickly, know what to do, and get it done. I wish he had a brother just like him in Portland that could provide the same services here.”