Surpassing Your Building Repair & Maintenance Expectations!

Ever been less than satisfied with repairs or maintenance performed for your commercial or residential building?

Mike Mondou Building Services will resolve your building repair and maintenance issues with a reliable, knowledgeable, staff that surpasses expectations.

Our professional staff can help you with:

General Building Repairs & Maintenance

Available 24 hours a day our experienced in house technicians are well versed in the unique characteristics & operating issues associated with serving occupied commercial/residential buildings, this along with our network of outside highly qualified specialty contractors allows us to handle a vast array of interior & exterior building repairs & maintenance services.

Unit Turnover Management

We currently perform 100+ turnovers a year which include elderly, college, family & commercial units performing all documentation, cleaning, painting, repairs & improvements necessary to bring the unit ready for re-occupancy.

Building Inspections

Familiar with requirements & preparation for NHHA, rural development, HUD REAC & local housing authority inspections requirements as well as local building & fire codes for our service area.

Additional building services: Carpet repairs, Carpet cleaning, Handicap improvements and Drain cleaning.

We will work together with you to tailor our services to meet your specific property’s repair needs providing professional quality service in a cost effective manner.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation on how our Building Repairs & Maintenance Services can surpass your expectations.